Canvas Size Issues Please help!

I cannot figure out how to change the canvas size of my work. I read online that double clicking the camera layer will make it bigger, but after I did this, I was unable to draw at all. Help!

@Jnpaws Hi. In Pencil2D the actual surface where you draw (the canvas) has no size. What determines the output size is the Camera Layer. Imagine it’s a real camera that you can move, independent from an (almost) infinite paper.

To change the size of the output double click on the camera layer and change the camera sensor resolution there.

Also when exporting an image or a movie you can also change the export resolution, but this resolution is different from the camera sensor resolution size.

What happens is that if you adjust only the movie or image will be downscaled (if it’s smaller) or upscaled (if it’s bigger), so it’s not a replacement for changing the camera sensor size.

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Okay, thank you so much! I appreciate it :grin:

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@Jnpaws And if you are having trouble drawing after this, it may be because you still have the camera layer selected. You cannot draw on the camera layer, so you have to click on a bitmap layer (or vector layer) to make that the active layer.

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