Canvas Size? How to change it?

I’ve been trying to learn animation, so I’m using Pencil2d. I have a small problem, and I’ve seen other people ask it but not get the correct answer for what they were wanting. I’ve seen the stuff about the camera size, but I want to make it where the canvas is different. I want the canvas to be more rectangular, and I want to work on it while its that shape. I looked through preferences and could find a way to fix this. Is there a way to change this, or do I just have to figure out how to deal with annoying thing.


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Hi @Sunny_Slash, and welcome.
I don’t understand what you are asking for.
If you want to change the (rectangular) field, you dobbleclick on the camera layer, and choose the size you want.
Besides that, the canvas is infinite in size. So - does this help, or is it something else?

What I mean is the white part of the canvas, I want to edit that size. I’m working on something for another person where they want a animated thing the size 115 by 670. I would use another art program but I thought using something meant for animation might be easier.

@Sunny_Slash Hi. The way Pencil2D is setup is more like you have a near infinite paper and you’re looking at it through the camera, so the size you perceive is the camera frame or viewfinder, not really the size of the paper itself. That means in this case you have to increase the size of the camera frame.

To do this double click on the camera layer and enter the desired output size.

Note that the camera layer is sort of a different mode, so when you click on the camera you will see the size, “zoom” factor and camera motion of how the final video will look, where as working in the drawing layers will let you move around the paper itself while the camera remains stationary.

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Just double click on the camera layer.

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