Canvas/Camera has suddenly changed size and the fix moves all my work off screen


I have created an animation using the default size camera. In the final moments of my project, either by my hand or a glitch, the camera size (the white rectangle) became enormous, and, ergo, my animation became very small. Now, when I try to adjust the camera layer properties to the original size, my drawings appear halfway off of the camera surface. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Thanks so much.

I would like to also state that I do not have a wheel on my mouse. I use a TouchPad and cannot find any combo of finger movement in the Settings that would scroll like a wheel. Thanks!!

Hi ! To me it sounds like you need to reset the Camera view. Go to the camera layer and I suppose you have one frame there that is the current position of the camera, then go up to the menu, choose View->Reset (Ctrl Z) and the camera is set back to the original zoom size. If that is too close you can just zoom in, zoom out or use the Hand tool + CTRL and move the mouse to set your desired zoom level. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

thank you so much! I realized after my last comment that I had an EXTRA camera layer in there and it was making it impossible to get P2D to behave the way I have learned from the videos.

Thanks again

Also, that ctrl + Hand tool trick is gold!!

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