Can't see camera border at 1080p (Mac)

When I set the resolution to 1920x1080 the camera border disappears on the camera layer - it seems to be too big for the window. On bitmap and vector layers I can just use cmd + down to zoom out and the border reappears, but I think it’s a design feature for the zoom to be keyframed in camera view so obviously you can’t just zoom out to see the border. Is there a way around this, or some way it could be fixed?


@neeby Yes, this is something that I’ve already reported and discussed here along a proposal for a toggle to work between interpolation and view functionality:

For now you just have to work on the bitmap or vector layers, and trust that the devs will make this feature possible.

Just in case, this doesn’t affect the export size at all, only your ability to preview the canvas while using the camera tweening.