Cant save Animation!

it says that you need admin privileges just to save the animation!!! I am a youtuber and need to save it so I can upload it!

@Cad16218 That is a problem with your Operating System, not with Pencil2D.

Since you’re saying that you’re having issues with permissions, it’s most likely that you’re using Windows.

You need to export it as an mp4 to upload it to youtube. Saving and exporting are two different things in the program.

To export go to File > Export > Movie
To save the file for later editing go to File > Save.

If you already saved your file, close Pencil2D and then to relaunch it right click over the icon, and select the “run as an administrator” option.

If you haven’t saved it, then try to export it first as a movie. And to save each part of the animation, you’d have to export using image sequences.

To do this try to hide all the layers except the one you want to export, then go to File > Export > Image Sequence, and export as a PNG with the transparency checkbox turned ticked.

That way you will be able to import the files again on a new Pencil2D file after running the program with the “Run as administrator” option.

Other than this, it’s impossible for us to help you as this is a problem with the operating system which sometimes can block any software at random, it happens with commercial applications too, I’ve had this problem with Adobe After Effects, for example.