Can't move keyframes

Also let’s get this straight: To move something you box selected, you don’t box select, then left click and drag. You don’t right click and drag. You don’t middle click in drag. You hit q, then you drag. Then you left click AGAIN. ??? what

The paint bucket tool fills in a rectangle. ???

The brush tool doesn’t do anything unless you adjust its size upon startup.

Right click does nothing on any UI element.

The delete key doesn’t delete.

Are you fucking kidding? Was this program designed to be as unintuitive as possible?

Did any thought go into the user experience AT ALL? Have you ever used any other program made by anyone else in your life? Did making the controls completely arbitrary and unlike any other program seem like a good idea?

I regret wasting 10 minutes giving this piece of garbage a try.

@everhearofux First off sorry to hear you’re having issues but you’re using a really old build from 2015. You have to use one from November 2016 onwards. If you’re getting the build from the proper links at the main page, don’t look at the modification date but look at the name it should say something like the number sequence goes like YEAR-MONTH-DAY.

However since you have expressed you’re no longer interested in this software, I’d recommend you to look for other options elsewhere, particularly If you want dedicated customer support where they solve all your inquiries and care for you as a customer as well as to get quality products that never crash or close unexpectedly; like Adobe Flash for example.

One last thing, this is volunteer-powered project, a community effort to create a program for people who could never afford it any other way and have creative venues they want to pursue.

No one is getting payed to do this, yet the development team will surely continue to improve it beyond anyone’s expectations in due time, because there is a higher goal for the project.

Good day.