Can't move camera?

Hello, I’m new on this forum and at using Pencil2d.

I have been trying to use the camera feature by selecting the camera layer and using the hand tool to move the frame around, as stated in the docs. However, the camera or the canvas doesn’t move, instead they both move at the same time. This means I am unable to make any camera movements.

I also tried the move tool, but same effect.

I am using Ubuntu 16.04 with Pencil2d 0.5.4~git20160219.9d29f33+dfsg-1ubuntu1 (from repository).

Thanks to anyone that can help me.

@mrstorm89 Hi. I’m not acquainted with linux versions, however if that revision is anywhere near any of the Nightly Builds, developers have disabled the camera motion keyframing due to having to re-work the camera system as a whole, so this isn’t a bug but rather a needed halt so they can patch up things. Also many people complained about the quirkyness of the camera system so it’s also a nod to them.

That means you can move the camera and the canvas as a whole, but not have motion tweening for the camera layer right now. I’m sure this will come back once everything is figured out, but for now I can only think of suggesting to try an earier linux friendly Pencil version, most likely those from the Morevna project will have to do for now:

I can also recommend you to plan and execute your camera work in another program like synfig or blender 3D. Synfig should work quite nicely in linux, we Windows users can’t use it at all, although recently they have created a new redering engine to facilitate this. Blender can be a bit more tricky but it’s totally doable and you’d have the posibility of a multiplane / 3D environment (and Blender has a 2D function for animation as well).