Can't import image

I have 18 images on my project, I am adding my 19th and it says “Unable to import image. TIP: Use Bitmap layer to import Bitmap images”, Is there a limit to the number of images? If so and you are nice enough to give me a way to bypass it, please do, my friend really wants this animation.

@tonkyboi Hi. Welcome to the forum. To answer succintly, no, there’s no limit. Make sure the image is an actual image, it might say it’s a jpg or a png but it could be something else.

In the worst case please share that specific image with us here so we can take a look.

there, its for a meme video

@tonkyboi The image you just uploaded I managed to import without any issue. please try the following:

  1. Download the image you just uploaded from the forum and try to import it again like that
  2. Make sure you are selecting a bitmap layer (blue color) before importing the image.

Also make sure you are using the latest version of Pencil2D as well.

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