can't export

I’m running OSX 10.6.8 and when I try to export I get the “Export Movie As…” window, then the options window, (to which I say ok) and then…


No file appears in that directory, nothing else happens. The options window simply disappears.

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Which version of Pencil are you using? A while ago we were having some serious problems with video export, but more recent development builds made it better. I’m not sure if the version available on the download page is new enough. Try this: Video export is still not perfect, of course…different systems handle it differently.

As for the spam, I report spammers in the forums when i see them, but it looks like their posts might remain in the forums after their account is deleted. I didn’t even realize there was activity on the wiki…i suppose something will have to be done about that. It looks like @kaiko has been fighting spam there, and it also looks like that requires some extra work beyond just reporting.

This is still a tiny community, with only a few devs and one guy managing the website. When mentioning things like this it’s probably a good idea to tag @admin to make sure he sees it.

Hi Steve,

I think that the movie export feature still doesn’t work (even on nightly builds). What I do is export image sequences and then compile them into a movie with a software like MPEG Streamclip.

Also, there is no feedback on the progress of your export so you may just be patient and check your export folder to see if it’s done.

I hope that helps!


I usually do that even with an application that exports video without issue…it provides lossless frames (assuming you export png/tif/tga rather than jpg) that can be used for a number of purposes.

I recently found a good command line that uses avconv (formerly ffmpeg) to create high quality mpeg. It might result in higher file size than you want, but quality is tons better than default settings. (mkv can be replaced with mp4)

I haven’t yet tried to upload the result to youtube/vimeo


That’s cool. It doesn’t put anything in the directory I specify, but I was able to export the images and use gimp to make an animated gif. I think that better suites what I’m trying to do anyway.

I can’t export in Pencil2D, only in Old Pencil, I have a Mac with OS 10.7.5

I found that the Pencil-04.4b-intel mac download allowed me to finally export a mov file, but this version of Pencil will not add frames and the onion skin does not work???!!! I am using OX 10.9.2

Anyone know what to do? I really need pencil to function like the version 0.5.4b-mac but export like the 04.4b-intel mac.

What do I do?


I’m stupid when it comes to Mac, but it’s possible you might need to install ffmpeg in order to export video. This was an issue on Windows, and it might be the same on Mac.

When trying to export, which file type do I use? Which one is better? it also tells me twice on which file type to save it as

For Example when I export it as a Movie, it will tell me which file type to save it as, giving me the choices of .AVI .MOV .WMV. After choosing one and clicking okay, it tells me again which file type to choose, it then tells me to pick either AUTO .MOV .MPEG2/.AVI .MPEG4/.AVI or .MPEG4/MP4


Since Im new, all this really confuses me. I download ffmpeg, Xcode, hombrew, dvd exporter, mpeg stream clip. And I don’t know how to use any of them. Is there a friendly user movie player that a beginner can use and understand easily? Thanks for the help.

P.S. I have a mac version 10.10 OS X Yosemite

Just looked for the same thing trying to export a movie using pencil2D 0.5.4 beta on windows 10:

Following the hints in the command window, I ended up downloading ffmpeg-20151231-git-4160900-win64-shared from I then placed all dll and exe files under a new directory “plugins” in the pencil folder. That allowed an avi file to be created with settings MPEG4/AVI.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for the tip @webuser!

We should refactor the video export for future releases. I temporary disabled this feature in the latest nightly builds while this work is not complete.

At the moment, and for anyone testing the latest devs with the nightly build, I suggest to export as image sequences and do your audio edit in another program like Blender.

All this is in the list of things to fix anyway! :wink:

pencil i need help because when i save the file as a movie i click on it and it says that the file it connects to has been modified changed or removed

PLZ help

@themattboy Good day and welcome to our forums.

Just as a reminder, please note that Pencil2D main file is a unique type of file which stores the animation drawings and links to other resources (like backgrounds). It is NOT a video or image file. In order to get the animation “out” you have to use the EXPORT option.

With that said right now the video export capability is not functional (that means that the video itself is not being created afterwards) It will be included in the upcoming version (0.6), however I can’t give you an ETA simply because Pencil2D runs on volunteering power.

If you need to export your animation you’ll have to use Pencil2D in collaboration with another free software. I’d like to direct you to a tutorial that will help you to accomplish this with the free software called Blender since it has a module to edit videos easily accepted by youtube:

Please also visit our FAQ & Tutorial pages for practical solutions meanwhile we wait for all of these important features to be implemented:



Thank you very much for your quick answer , this is my first time on the forum and I am very satisfied .I will try this method as soon as I can and once again thank you very much

I’m extremely anxiety prone and was close to a hair pulling panic attack but I’m extremely relieved that I’m not the only one having this issue.

The only difference is that the first time I tried to export my animation into an avi file it actually did create a file but it’s completely “invisible”, I’m only able to see it in my file explorer’s Recent Files list. But I can’t play it or delete and the file contains zero data, I tried overwriting it by making another avi but that just makes another duplicate that I can play.

I’m running windows 10 if that’s any help.

I tried exporting again but this time zero files were created.

@helpmeplease First stop pulling your hair. I know it’s frustrating. Right now Pencil2D can’t export videos in any platform.

HOWEVER you can create videos almost as easily but you have to use Pencil2D in collaboration with another free program for now meanwhile our devs fix the problem for a future release.

Please follow these tutorials and take a look at our FAQ and Tutorials page once you’re done.

Pencil2D to Blender video creation.

Pencil2D to GIF Animation APP, Animated GIF creation



Hope this helps to ease your problem.