Can't export .mov file

I am running mac osx 10.9.5

I can’t seem to export my animations into a .mov format.

Basically when I click export nothing happens and the file does not save.

Have you tried saving like this? Like:

if i try to do “save as” then write the .mov extension is does not let me and says i must use .plc

Then you need to have Mac to save it as .mov.

I’m on mac, currently running Mavericks 10.9.5

Have a look at this post : A few problems and a few solutions

Hi, I don’t know how to do anything. I have a pc with windows and Pencil is by far the best animation software available. I’ve tried so many, but it’s the only one I like because the drawing interface is so great. Please help me figure out how to export the videos. I can’t even seem to export the frames to build it in another program.

Thanks, and thanks for making such an awesome program.

Thanks @piggy. So, I looked at the console window, I kind of remember this stuff because I came of age in the world of DOS. It said to add the ffmpeg.exe thingy to plugins. So, I downloaded it and did what you had said in the import videos section of your first post (this is still to export video, which is what I really want to do.) I tried to export the video and it looked like it was working for the first time, ever. A window popped up that said exporting video, which had never happened before. But, alas, the video was nowhere to be found. The console said, “could not execute ffmpeg.” It said it was trying though, which is at least some progress. Any ideas? Thanks again, so much for your help!


@piggy I’ve tried both. I’ll keep trying to tweak it. Thanks again for the help!


@sararichelson: I don’t know if I can help with that, since I don’t seem to experience any problem at all when exporting as an image sequence.

Some more information about the problem would be helpful, though. When you export as image sequence, does Pencil2D crash, or does it just not export the files? And what does the console window say? (The console window is the black window with white letters that shows up when you open Pencil2D, by the way.) :slight_smile:

@sararichelson: I haven’t found a solution for this yet, unfortunately. Exporting into video seems to be impossible for me too, at least when I have a sound layer. :frowning:

What are you exporting it as? Do you leave it to AUTO, or are you trying to export it as an MP4 file?

Guys I found a super easy way to save your animation(like exporting) in Pencil 2D, it just requires a screen recording program like Open Broadcaster Software and a video editing program like Movie Maker.

Open Broadcaster Software:

There’s a lot of tutorials for this, just google it and once you get it set up, open up Pencil 2D with your animation you want to capture.

Hit record, then play the animation and once it’s done, go to the broadcaster program and stop the recording. It’ll have saved that recording to a folder called Open Broadcaster recordings or something similar.

Now go to your video editing software like Movie Maker(I use VideoPad but Movie Maker should still do) and just crop the video to only show the animation and hide the rest of your desktop/background if there’s any. If you had audio in the animation, mute the recording and upload the audio then line it up with your animation.

Save it then export it and viola! You’re done :slight_smile: