Can't export image sequence

I want to export an image sequence of an animation, but when I tried, all the frames either turn white (like JPG) or black (like PNG). How do I fix it?

Me too! I can’t export any movie format! Only png sequence.

Okay well first of all it sounds like you two are actually having different issues.

Anyhow I will add these both to my list of things to look into, and I will let you know if it is fixed in the development version

Hmm, when I tested it the program just crashed. Maybe I broke something somewhere though, I’ll work on it

@kuzlalala @chuseto Hello both of you. Indeed you can’t export a movie just yet, just png image sequences right now with the stable version (and possibly the bleeding edge v).

I’ve answered this many times, but hopefully the process that I layout here will help you both.

I did a quick video for another person to know how to export images from pencil so you can import them on any video editor. I used the open source video editor Shotcut which is really easy to use, and there are versions for almost every operative system you can get at their website .

Also I apologize for my stuttering, It was late and was sleep deprived, Lol.

@spark: No pressure Nick, hopefully when you take a look at that part of the code the problem becomes apparent. I’ve heard it has to do with the ffmpeg plugin, but I’m not quite sure exactly.


By the way, do you have a working old Pencil2D build?..
I just downloaded the one from @sfepa but it is unworkable for me: doesn’t recognize pressure sensitivity from my Huion.

@sfepa, thank you for your upload of the Pencil build. I got really excited by that cos it reminded me one of the past buildings which was really fine for doing just small animations, but as I said, yours is not working for me right now

Thank you both

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Thanks @morr , I’ll try that tomorrow.

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@kaiko my Huion works fine with this build (win7). Sometimes pressure doesn’t work when application launches and I need to click with the mouse on canvas first, after this I can draw normally.

@kaiko Well I have the old win builkd 0.54b here’s a direct link for it. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

It’s allrigth, I do it with success.

But now, I need to Import a movie to the scene. And I’m doing:

>File>Import>Movie>(.mov) and I can’t found where it’s the file into Pencil 2D. It must to appear on any layer??

Thanks so much.

Here’s the solution for movie import problem:

thanks to @piggy

@chuseto The solution suggested by nandaardi allows to import on my 0.54b stable version, but everything crashes after a while, so if you want to avoid headaches a few warnings…

SHORT VERSION: Don’t import movies, import image sequences. Export the video you need from a video editor as an image sequence, and then import it over to Pencil.

LONG VERSION (read carefully):

The process to bring ffmpeg.exe into the plugins truly works. As such you can “try” to import movies. It allowed to attempt to open avi and mp4 files. But here’s the catch:

Seems like either way I can’t get to import anything, the movie import function continues trying to import empty frames that doesn’t exist in the source movie and it gives countless warnings until the importer crashes and after i sort the warnings the program crashes “unexpectedly” as well.


Just as you can export .png image sequences. Right now the only real working method is to import png image sequences.

This is easy. If you have a video you want to bring into pencil, load it into an external editor, and look for the output module (depending on your video editor) and instead of a “movie” file format, choose “image sequence”. And save it on a folder with a proper name.

Aside from limitations from a compositing & editorial perspective it is ALWAYS recommended to work with image sequences, just in case anything goes wrong your rendered piece wont go to waste, and you’ll be able to pick up where it was left off (if there’s a black out you won’t lose several hours of rendering but a few frames).

I’d recommend working your pencil files PER SHOT (Camera shots e.g. Close-up, long-shot, etc). And not work the entire animation on a single file.

This is how usually studio pipeline works, sometimes they go with entire scenes, but in here it is also the best route just to work camera-shot-by-file because of the software predisposition to crash. Besides when you import too many images on a timeline Pencil will eat RAMemory like crazy.

During my test I only imported 95 images and it’s eating a little short of 1 gig of RAM. So I assume one could handle at most 6 to 10 second shots depending on your computer and on your needs.

After you export your png image sequences by shot (remember to save on separate folders for better organization, inside a common scene folder) you can easily import them in your trusted video editor, and then render your finished animation in a video you can upload on youtube or send to your employer.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the link. it didn’t help though. :frowning:

There is something wrong with the drivers (I know Huion has had issues related with its drivers, and for what I understood I am the only one having this specific problem)

Here is the description: I am able to use pressure sensitivity while working with Pencil2D. What I am Not able to do (I thought it was related to a pressure issue) is to have my pen to react to every icon/feature inside Pencil. I am only able to draw!. None of the icons are working but the X red Close bottom at the right up-corner. There are others that seems to react after several clicks on it.
This happens only with @morr and @sfepa builds!

I downloaded the very last Pencil2D Master-code to check its behaviour, and everything that I mentioned above is working just fine. But this is still under development and unable to do simple tasks…

Well, thank you.
Next release will bring new understanding for the issues I spoke about.

See you

HI @morr Thanks so much about the answer… I’m going to probe that.