Can't download linux nightly builds from google drive

Can’t download linux nightly builds from google drive. I keep getting a “The page isn’t redirecting properly” error these past few days. Is there an alternative download link for these app images?

@danya Hmm weird, this seems like an ISP problem but there’s nothing we can help with unfortunately, actually Google Drive is what we use when people can’t download form the official site since it works nearly “everywhere”.

Anyway here’s a wetransfer link to the latest AppImage dev build from April 7th. Let us know if this works for you or not, but do bear in mind that the development builds are being actively written and might have bugs we are either fixing or just happened to do an oversight, so be extra careful when using it for important work:

@JoseMoreno You right about it being an ISP problem. I have had a number of issues with them in the past, eg, youtube-dl still doesn’t work for me most of the time. (It works fine with other ISP’s) But fortunately I was able to download the appimage last night.
Thank you for the response and please give my thanks to everyone on the team. I’m glad I found pencil2d; that is at least one good thing that came from this nightmare covid-19 situation we are currently living in. Stay safe and stay at home!

@danya No worries. I hope you and your family stay safe as well :smiley: