Can't create new layers (Mac version)

I just installed Pencil2D on my Mac Air OS X10.10.3, and I have a couple of serious problems. The worst is that I can’t create new layers. The program acts as though it has created a layer with the name I give it, but the new layers are nowhere to be found. All I can see is the 3 original layers (bitmap, vector, camera).

My second problem is that the pencil tool only draws in dark grey, no matter what color I try to assign to it.

Has anyone else gotten Pencil to work on a new Mac Air?

I believe the problem is that you just don’t see it. When you create new layers, it ends up at the bottom. At the absolute bottom right of the screen, there is a scroll bar like a browser. Scroll it down, and you’ll see the layers.


Oh, now I see how to get to those layers! Thank you!