Cannot export to movie

When I try to play the movie that I have exported to my windows 10 I get the following error dialogue box. "Codec missing …format unsupported. Then when I hit enter, I get the audio in the loop I programmed in but no picture.

@OriginalprintsJoeSav Hi. Unfortunately that’s not a Pencil2D problem, it’s a problem with a Windows 10 movie player problem.

When you ask Pencil2D to export an MP4 file it will use a specialized plugin to bundle and “encode” the images and sounds you imported into your project file, inside the MP4 video container.

But once that’s done it’s up to other software to know how to de-code this information.

More often than not vanilla windows media player doesn’t know how to read these MP4 files. I personally always download VLC Player which is capable of playing (i.e read, decode) various files without extra codec packages and I would recommend you to download it since it’s free

FYI if you upload the MP4 to youtube, it should work just fine even without an additional video player since those are two separate things.

If it IS the software you’re playing it with (as JoseMoreno suggested), usually Internet browsers have a video player built in to them; This way, if you cannot download extra video software (although I’d recommend it), then drag the video file into a new tab in your browser.

Jose and Joey:

Thanks for your help! I’ll let you know how it goes.


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