Can you make Rubber horse 1920s 1930s Cartoons using Pencil 2d

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You likely can! With the proper principles, style, and effects.

I try my best to make my cartoons look like traditional cel animation, and there are some small tricks to get there, if you want to hear them.

I still need some more improvements of course.

yes can you give me some Techniqes and tricks i have created my own charchater mrblock in rubber horse style i made walkcycles and turnarounds and emotions

and a modelsheet

and check out my youtube channel subcribe to it i have changed to content from minecraft memes to animations and cartoons

and i want to make my charchaters in the same style as 1930s Rubber horse as bendy and the ink macine and Bendy and the dark Rival

You surely can! It requires some studying to really capture the style but you can.