Can You Add More Undos and Redos?

Hi, I wanted to ask if you could add more undos and add redos? I had times when I wanted to undo something but didn’t have enough undos, and times when I accidentally went too far back and couldn’t redo my mistake.

But it’s okay if adding this isn’t easy, it’s still a great animation program and I’m grateful that it’s free.

Hi TheFakeItemBox

We have a new undo/redo system in the works that will hopefully make it into the code base after our upcoming 0.7.0 release.

With the new system, you will also able to change how many times you can undo or redo an action.

Within reason I don’t think you can have too many levels of undo and redo!

Murphy’s Law states that the mistakes you wish to undo will always be beyond the limit of the undo’s allowed by the package!