Can pose2d do this?

Is there a Frame by Frame Animation Program that can do the following Thing: If I place a pixel graphic on my Animation Frame 1 and then go to another Frame (for example Frame 5) and move the object on that Frame, it would be nice if a program animates the space between the first and the 5th Frame. With camera layers you can do that. But what is with pixel graphics? It would make Things much easier.

Would be great for animating airplanes or other vehicles.

@darmfurzrat Hi, Pencil2D is a hand-drawn / traditional animation program. Although what you speak of is a feature we have thought of, it will take time to implement something similar.

For now if you require such kind of animation I suggest you use Synfig Studio, which is also free and you can use vector and bitmap images

Ah thank you, I tried animating with it and it is super simple to animate a simple flight of (for example) a plane.
I first learned the Basics, but after that it took me a Minute or less to animate a very Basic “flight”.
But my favourite style of Animation is Frame by Frame, so I really like pencil 2d thank you!