Can Pencil2d create a Shapes button

Hi, Pencil2d members, I have a feature that might help improve Pencil2d.

Shapes. It is very hard into making shapes eventually, so I’m asking if you would like to add it.

Thank you.

and a guide when you paste a picture, it’ll teach you how to draw it

Hi @Nobility ,

If you search the ‘Ideas’ category, you’ll find that a shape-tool has been suggested 10+ times. It is on our list for coming features, but it is very low priority.

Can I suggest a work around in the mean time. If you create the required shapes using the existing tools and store each shape in a different frame.

Then this layer can be loaded into your current project, it’s better if they are vector shapes, as these can be enlarged.

If you require a combined shape, say composed of a square and a circle. Cut & paste the two shapes and then positions them.

On another layer redraw the shape using the circle & square as a guide. QED problem solved.

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