Can i make an elipse in pencil2d

hey there, i just made downloaded pencil2d for a school science project(mentos and coke) so i need to explain a reaction, so i thought it was a good idea to get started in pencile2d for the most part its been relatively easy to do what i need to do, but then i had to animate the mentos falling into the coke and i couldnt find out how to make an elipse to represent the mentos so if theres a plugin or a small trick can you please explain?

Pencil2D hasn’t a shape tool at the moment. It is on our wish list, but is not high priority at the moment.

You could find a picture/drawing of a Mentos, import the drawing, scale it to your preferred size and trace it on a new layer. Once you have a nice drawing, you can copy it, move it and animate like it was cut-out animation.

ok thanks alot have a nice day :smiley:

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