Can any of you help me in animating? help is appritiates

Can you plz help? i did 2 animations till now, I have used pencil2d before, this is new account so it not let me post animations. the point is, I want to improve my animating… so… thanks

@AndisonRyanRyder Hi, welcome again to this forum. We have elevated your trust level so the system doesn’t stop you from posting, however we’ll keep track of your posts just in case it happens again.

Please consider that it is still not recommended to post multiple links in multiple publications, so go to the #misc category and create a single thread to work as your personal “Gallery” or “showcase” and consider posting daily a max of 2 videos for the first week.

Related to learning animation I recommend AMB Animation youtube channel or Aaron Blaise youtube channel for tutorials on animation.

Let us know if you need more assistance related to the website or the software.

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