Camera Layer works only after edit but then just keyframes after

When using the camera layer and doing either a zoom or a pan. I can press play and the preview will show me the camera moving or zooming like we would expect. When I try to scrub or press play again the camera does not move but instead only shifts on each key frame. Its like the motion tween concept is gone. If I make any edit on the camera layer I can see the animation of it again but only once. Any ideas on what this could be? Thanks so much

@checklistanimations Hi, yes this is currently a bug that affects the camera preview, however I’m told it will work correctly when exporting. We’re hoping this will be fixed in the next version, and if i’m not mistaken there was a fix already applied that you can test in recent development builds a.k.a Nighty Builds in the official download site

If you have time please test these builds and let me know if your particular issue is still happening so we can investigate further.

p.s. Nightly Builds work exactly like the release versions of Pencil2D, you don’t need to install or reinstall them and you can use them side by side along the current version in the same computer.

That is epic. Yes I will try those different versions and report back. Thanks so much for the quick reply. I’m excited to see this in action.

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OK I grabbed one of those other versions and yes the issue appears to be resolved. Also. It seems that the new version has constrained scaling when holding shift. Keep that it’s a great feature.

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@checklistanimations Hey, thanks a lot for checking out to see if your issue was solved. Well the shift constraint for selections has been there for a while, is it related to that or something else?

Also for a quick tip of what’s to come, make sure you right click one of the camera keyframes. Hopefully you’ll get a surprise :wink:


Make sure that the playhead is set to its short version, you need to right click on the visible keyframe for this to work

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