Camera Easing Mode(s), (and how to do it manually?)


It’s difficult for me to do this manually; there isn’t a feature for this, I don’t think. So when the camera pans or rotates or zooms in a certain specified way, the movement is completely linear (constant speed). My suggestion is to have some sort of different camera easing options, or even just an “Ease in” or “Ease out”. I don’t know if this is easy to implement, I have no idea how it would be fit in… A camera-GUI would be cool, but I’m dreaming a bit too much. Is this going to be implemented? And, for the time being, could someone tell me a way to do this manually? If none of this is clear, please tell me…

Thank you!

There are camera easing modes in the nightly builds. Not in the official version. You right-click on the camera frame you want to an easing mode to, and select the desired Easing mode. As I remember it, you need to be on the camera layer to do it, but I’m not sure.

Is that so? I’m still using “Nightly Build Oct 7 2020”, and don’t intend to update for a little while. That’s good to know. Any ideas on how to do it manually in earlier builds? I sort of need to work with the one I have. Thanks for telling me!

@JoeyH I hope I’m not too imposing, but pray tell why would you not consider using a more recent development build? There shouldn’t be any issue with using newer versions, and using that specific build which is even older than the official release version. Care to explain in detail?

Also If there’s any specific issue that comes with the latest versions and it is affecting you, it would be better for you to tell the developers so they can fix it :confused:

Any recent nightly build is basically whatever is closer to the release build for the upcoming version, bugs always exist and without feedback it is impossible for us to know if there are issues since our QA efforts are limited at best.

Now to answer your question “how to do it manually in earlier builds”, you can’t. Camera interpolation exists, but it’s not possible to control it, you’d do better animating the camera frame by frame. In that sense it might be better to use a different app just to add the camera, at least if you’re adamant about not using a new nightly build.

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You’re not being imposing, it was a reasonable question, which is a valuable thing in people today. But nevermind the philosophy, my main question is: Would updating have any risk of corrupting a project, even a little? That was my primary concern. However, I thought the build I had was post-0.6.6; I had no idea it wasn’t, which definitely would have been nice to know… Although that was my fault for not checking. Admittedly, I should have asked the question. I was going to update after finishing my current project, but I was worried that it might ruin something. Thanks for letting me know!

Nothing personal about not updating.

If you follow our recommandations, and have backups and save regularly, there is no risk.

Are you on our Discord server? Many questions are answered there, and most developers are active there as well, plus we have a community that can help.

Furthermore, there is a channel on our server called #Testing-grounds. Within the next month, there will come a special version of Pencil2D, where the camera is totally rewritten. There you can not only make Easing modes, you can also define camerapaths, tilt, rotate, scale and move the camera more easily. I don’t know exactly when it will be uploaded, but I need to make a tutorial, and work out how to make Linux and Mac versions of the build.

Stay tuned…

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@JoeyH Ironically version 0.6.5 was written off as being prone to wiping off peoples work as well as corrupting the files and since then specific bugs that were reported to contribute to that issue were fixed.

Of course there’s always a possibility that there are still bugs related to this, however between getting an improved version with fixes and one that don’t have them, I personally would pick the former.

I agree with David’s recommendations as well. As long as you have periodic backups and save your work properly, you shouldn’t have major issues.

You can also have various Pencil2D versions side by side. Of course I don’t recommend opening them at the same time, since every file you open in Pencil2D will save to the the temporary files folder on your system and sometimes opening the same file can have unpredictable consequences (like erasing your work if you’re not careful)

Honestly I work with plenty of commercial apps, and those still corrupt files form time to time (I’m looking at you Adobe Animate 202X), so it’s better to expect that any software can potentially trash your project, so always make sure to keep work habits that will save your behind in case of unforeseen events.

Well, I just downloaded the latest nightly build, and gosh! It was such a jump! Thank’s for helping me here, I love my new nightly build; can’t wait for the next big release! The easing is awesome! Whoever’s idea that was, they’re a genius (as well as the programmers). I’m getting a bit of audio issues (like the audio not exporting, for some reason, I can deal with that, I think…), but nothing serious, I don’t think.

(I’m now using Nightly Build Mar 8 2022)

@JoeyH Hmm it’s possible that you might need to reimport the sound files since in 0.6.6 Pencil2D reconverts everything internally to wav to broaden audio support that can be imported.

So having the audio from before might not be processed in the same way. On the other hand if you send me a PM with a minimal file that can reproduce the issue I can ask the devs to take a look later.

I’ll see what I can do. There are some other things with this new version I can’t stand though, especially with the timeline. For example, moving multiple frames that aren’t together is impossible (not sure if this was intentional):


Also, pasting things in from previous frames pastes at the center of the view as opposed to where it was on the frame it was copied from. This personally bothers me a LOT, but once again, I don’t know if it was on purpose. Is there an option for this?

I should probably compile a list of things like this? I don’t know how much these simple things could be taken into account…

@JoeyH Moving frames together? You can do that. The process has changed slightly since before.

  1. Select the frames with one click
  2. Click again a second time to drag the selection

You can select multiple frames in sequence by using shift, but you can select them alternated by using ctrl.

Regarding the pasting, yes this is an issue. I’m not sure why it was made like that but chances are the devs are not aware. It irks me too so I definitely would like to have it the way it was before.

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