Camera Doesn't Work On Export to GIF/MP4 (6.1)

I animated a stickman walking to the right as a basic test. Upon export into a GIF or MP4 file, the camera layer is completely ignored and the stickman simply walks off screen.

To answer the inevitable clarifications,
-I created a frame on the camera layer and panned the camera with the hand tool.
-The export window had the “camera” set by default to the “Camera Layer” layer.
-I use windows 10
-I’m using what I presume is the newest build that I got off the main page, 6.1.
-I’m using a computer tablet.
-This issue does not occur when I export to an image or image sequence.

Since I just got this software today, I may be missing some magic button that fixes this issue. If so, please let me know.

@TerminalJovian Hi, thank you for your report. This is a known issue and although there’s no magic button fortunately there’s already a fix that was implemented in the latest development version.

Please download nightly build in the following link and let us know if this fixes this particular problem for you:

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Thanks for the speedy reply.

After doing a quick test with the movie method of making a gif and the new option called “Animated gif”, both options still have this issue.

While I’m sure it will be fixed sometime in the future (I hope), for now I’ll stick to creating the illusion of camera movement by panning the background or animating in place.

@TerminalJovian That’s odd, but alright thank you for your patience, I’ll report this issue again considering It was fixed less than a month ago something must have been broken unexpectedly. When there’s a proper fix for both Video and GIF files, I’ll write back in this thread to let you know.

thank you! seemed too good to be true but this patch fixed my problem!

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@TerminalJovian Hey, it’s been a while. Would you mind testing the latest nightly build to see if this problem fixd for you? FYI I just downlaoded the same link and tested it on mine and it’s working, but I want to know if it’s working for you as well to solve the thread or at least consider other alternatives.

This is a direct link to for Windows 64bits OS’

@nas Thank you for commenting, glad to hear it works for you.