Building an animation from the ground up!

In this project I develop my Charlie drawings from a concept to a finished animation.


There’s a whole on it somewhere?

In my previous projects, the one I did for a college assignment and my first independent Pencil2D project, in this project I explore the power and simplicity of Pencil2D.


An interesting fact, since the background is a .png image. I drew the window on a temporary layer and then cut out the required aperture using the cutout tool followed by the select tool.

I had the background layer selected and the temporary layer visible.

What I’m attempting to make is a sequence of steps which can be repeated, with perhaps a few modifications to acheive a dance sequence.

Dance (1)

I started with simply adding right and left turns.


Then adding some leg movement. I watch myself doing the proposed actions in a mirror as a guide.

The intention of this part of the project is to make Charlie look more 3D. I’ve added extra movements, including adding a clap to the sequence.


I added the dynamic background to the project!


It is envisaged that Charlie’s dancing will include extra sequences. These will start of as copies, but editing will make each copy, to make it unique.

Put the background, Charlie’s dancing and add steps into the mix.


I’m happy with the result, I’ve learned a lot about using Pencil2D and animation along this journey.