Bugs are everywhere

This program is even more bugged than Fallout 76 after release. And honestly, I’ve never thought that’s possible.

There are lot of glitches in the program itself – random tools switching, curve tool not working (painting lines randomly), previous frames blinking in and out while using selection tool and move tool, frames switching by itself. But those are all things you kind of get used to and the program is still usable. The program also crashes time to time, exporting multiple pictures is not working for me… The biggest issue is definitely loading. Nearly every time I’m loading previously saved file I’m afraid in what condition it’ll be. I encountered missing layers, mixed up layers, missing frames… Those are all things that can cost you several hours of work and the issue is so big that even creating multiple copies of the file might not save you.

And it’s really a pity, because otehrwise the program looks really nice even for a beginner in animating and if I ignore the bugs it’s quite user friendly as well.

Specs of my laptop:

OS: Windows 10 Home

Processor: Intel Core i7-7700HQ


GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050

@Shadow314 Well the difference being that Bethesda has truckloads of money and this is a free project maintained solely by unpaid volunteers; we’re not an incorporated entity :man_shrugging:

If that is any hint, Pencil2D is under heavy development and progress is slow, so as you may notice it will have bugs (and the license also says it is distributed “AS IS” without any warranty)

FYI The vector layer is broken, and pending fix. Don’t use it.

random tools switching Some users have had similar issues. This can be attributed to Windows Ink, but on some instances the direct issues related to Pencil2D have been fixed in the recent builds. curve tool not working (painting lines randomly) Fixed in dev build (painting lines randomly) To make a bezier curve, click the bezier checkbox and use the polyline tool.

previous frames blinking in and out while using selection tool and move tool Fixed in dev build

frames switching by itself If this is what I think it is, then this has been fixed in the latest dev build too.

Now the crashing and wiping sounds like an older version, so please verify that you’re NOT using any version prior to the current release version 0.6.5. If you are not using the latest version please upgrade immediately.

However if you are indeed using the new version, then you are hitting upon every one of the known issues on this list one after the other which is seriously unfortunate but only until the next version will we see improvements on the most pressing problem (some issues you may or may have not experienced yet are always fixed in development builds provided for testing, you can download those in http://pencil2d.org/download#nightly-build-).

With that in mind, and to try to help you avoid more frustrating experiences I’ll honestly just recommend you to stop using Pencil2D for a while and instead peruse the following curated list of alternative animation applications which you can try out meanwhile Pencil2D is improved beyond what your current experience has been.

That way you can keep going forward on your animation journey without getting hitched by the software idiosyncrasies, and once Pencil2D hits version 1.0, then you will be able to use a superior free product along whatever other software you choose now (as we are going to make cross compatibility between certain apps a thing)

Other than that, good luck and thanks for the report.

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