Bug with switching tools

A bug where it switches to the wrong tools that I’ve selected. most of the time seems to be with the fill and brush tool.

@LindenMcDiarmid Hi, welcome to the forum. Hmm we’ve heard of this from time to time, but we’ve had a difficult time finding the cause. For some people this has been a issue that is directly related to their graphics tablets and how they have mapped the pen stylus buttons, for others is an odd result of a bug that has been fixed in the dev builds already.

Let me ask you a few questions to help troubleshoot the issue and see how we can best assist you further. If you’re not sure about a question, before answering a question you’re not sure about, please try out first to reproduce the problem slowly and see if any of these issues fit into that to have a more accurate map of the problem:

  1. What is you current operating system? e.g Windows 10, macOSX 10.15, Ubuntu Linux, etc
  2. What is your current Pencil2D version? To learn of this you can go to the software help menu > about > press copy to clipboard and paste the copied information in your answer.
  3. Are you using a graphics tablet?
  4. If you’re using a graphics tablet, what brand do you have? The model number should be behind the tablet or in the box e.g Wacom PTH-450
  5. Do you have the latest version of your tablet drivers? You can check on the actual driver dialog and look for an “about” button or similar contraption.
  6. Have you configured the graphics tablet pen stylus before, or is it just as the first day you got it?
  7. Have you ever mapped the hardware buttons to specific shortcut commands or mouse buttons?
  8. Does the issue happen with a mouse as well? Like if you work for a while with it, your tools switch involuntarily?
  9. Have you noticed if you are always pressing a specific key on your keyboard before or just after this happens?
  10. Does this happen after you switch between programs? e.g Like switching between Pencil2D to Google Chrome, etc?
  11. Could you list step-by-step what you do take before this happens? Considering how elusive this problem is, no matter how silly or small a detail is, it’s important for us that you can describe when this happens so we can reproduce it and fix it.

For now we can’t do much without knowing how this is affecting you, so it is critical if you provide us enough feedback for us to find the problem quicker. Thank you for your time, we’ll be pending your response, meanwhile all we can do is wish you happy holidays :wave: .

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