Bug when I use bitmap layer its too big

when i opened pencil2d it was too zoomed and when I use the eraser it like…

from camera layer

from bitmap layer

and when i use eraser

@pe6olopatata Hi. Thank you for your report.

I’m afraid It’s not clear exactly what the problem is. By looking at the image I can only guess you’re worried about the background looking choppy. This should be a visual glitch that won’t affect your animation.

If you’re worried about the zoom you can restore the window zoom by pressing CTRL+H while a drawing layer is selected. If the camera is zoomed instead of the window, select the camera layer and press CTRL+H again.

If you’re worried about the size of the eraser or drawing tools, in the image it shows you’re using a 200 pixel width. You can reduce that manually.

I also see you’re using the brush outline cursor. This requires more computing power than the normal crosshair so drawing might lag a bit more.

If you want, you can try writing the exact problem in your native language and I’ll use a translation app so I can get more context on your problem, and understand better how we can help you.