[BUG] Video Bug Report Nightly Build Jan 15 2016

EDIT: My cursor is NOT being displayes on the video for some reason (maybe OpenGL issues?) The size problem with the tools when you ZOOM IN is not displayed in the video, but if you try it out just zoom into your canvas and use an eraser that has more than 10 pixels you’ll see what I mean.

Hey everyone, I’m going to upload here a video I recorded showcasing several bugs I found on the Nightly build from January 15th 2016. I tried to look for similar bugs in the Github but I couldnt match any, apologies if there are duplicates.

They are mostly display bugs but some others are related to the polyline tool and how the zoom function works inside pencil.

For now I’ll leave the vid up, later I’ll update with step-by-step text to reproduce each bug, just in case my english Is not clear enough (I tend to fumble my words a bit).

I forgot another bug which is important although its not harmful and it is related to the eraser, and something similar happens with the eyedropper tool, but i’ll record it tomorrow, its kinda late here. Cheers!


Pluses and minuses to your video bug report.

On the plus side:

  • It's a great way to visually document the problems that are occurring.. I like it.
* All the issues you bring up are not enhancements but bugs that exist withing the current master branch

On the minus side:

  • Way too much information all at once.
  • I’m left wondering has been reported as a github issue?
  • If so,it would be a pain to link in that specific section (which has very useful info into the issue)

Just thinking out loud:
It seems me that there should be 4 special sections related to bugs/feature enhancements on the forum.

  1. Open issues bugs/features that stability/usability of the main branch
  2. Open Feature Enhancement that are within the development road map (that are not affecting stability/usability)
  3. Feature Enhancement outside the current development roadmap
  4. Closed/Canceled features

Its especially important that for (1) is a single issue and that it is well explained. (multiple item wish list it don’t belong there) A video link to the issue would be most helpful as well a minimum bug boiler plate.

What would be really cool is if the user base could vote on the issue that is most annoying to them, that it would bubble up to the top. (With so many bugs in main at the moment, its sort of hard to know where to start)
I saw @gordie was working on something like this http://www.pencil2d.org/forums/topic/starting-to-work-on-a-wishlist-section/ Is my wish feasible?

Personally, I think Jose has the overall knowledge of the app and good judgment that he should have given admin permissions for the forum(if he doesn’t already have them) and begin free reign to move anything he wants between 1,2,3,4

I think everything eventually needs to be worked on should eventually become github issues, but I think that should be done by developers/super-users and cross referenced against the forum. (perhaps as a Tag?)

@jonasthomas Thank you for your input! certainly It was late and I need to get going to file in my github reports of these bugs. I was thinking of doing separate videos on each bug but I had less than 30 minutes to do it, and this was the third attempt to record the video.

When I submit it to the Github i’ll try to do it one at a time, but this was as well a test to see if it was easier to understand intricate bugs in video, to see if my setup was helping and so I wouldn’t forget them lol.

I’m NOT a foremost expert in Pencil2D by any means! haha, I just like to observe and document the stuff I try and compare it with what it’s actually happening.

Regarding the Forum /Github categories you propose, I don’t have much control over that, I think @chchwy opened the pencil git as well. At most I think we have those labels that serve the purpose of filtering issues, but maybe if we can ask to get the labels rearranged, so users and devs can submit their bugs in a similar fashion, it would help out a lot.

In here as you say we have tags per topic /reply. We could use that but I think it’s better to have a proper subcategory arrangement in the Bug Reports forum.

Also I really liked your idea for the about box “system information” button, I think it should be done, and I doubt it would break anything just by getting information from each OS. The real catch is how to get info from Windows, Linux and MAC boxes.

I think voting on future features should be introduced at a later time, but only after we can have a stable program where development can truly grow.

I don’t have control over the website itself, gordie just gave me mod powers (which I’m grateful for) so I could chase spammers away, give some support and help organize the forum while adding some pages like the FAQ page, but I can’t change the layout or the theme for now, sorry.

However Gordie @admin presented us with another website theme previously during last year, changing that takes time so maybe later this year the website layout will change to make the site more accesible and allowing those new features he wanted to become an important part of the community.