Bug corrupt file

I have a corrupt project and i can’t open it. How to repair it? or where is email adress to send project by wetransfer to help with them. Greetings

There is a link to project WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free Help please it’s very important

Welcome to the forums, KoKiNer! So I just took a look at it- and something has gone horribly wrong! The entirety of this file was completely overwritten by the byte 00. See here:

(That’s not the entire file, but the rest of it is like that)

This means your file was completely overwritten and thus is now completely blank. Do you have some sort of file history on? Maybe a recovery tool might help? Did you save backups? I cannot fix this file, as far as I can figure out; a developer might know if there would be some sort of shadow file somewhere. One of the developers should reply in a bit, knowing them.

You have my apologies, mate! This is not looking good…

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thanks for replying. Unfortunately things like that have to happens

i don’t have any file history. only another project with the beginning of my video. I didn’t have backups

I’m sorry about that; see if a dev responds here…

We have discussed this particular case further on the Discord server.

Apologies, then. I didn’t know. What was the result?

No problem, thanks for your help! As you mentioned, the file has been zeroed out so there is no way to recover data from that. We recommended using a 3rd-party file recovery program to find recently deleted files in the Pencil2D temporary directory, but unfortunately the user did not have any success with this. That is a very “last resort” measure and we typically start by recommending some of the other recovery methods from Pencil2D Project File Corruption Prevention / Partial Recovery Guide.

This may be extending the discussion a bit long, but how do you think it got zeroed out like that? Can Pencil2D be the cause?

I don’t know exactly. We’ve only had a few reports of this particular issue ever happening. Most likely it is one of the following issues:

  • The file gets corrupted during the saving process as a result of some event on the computer (ex. an unexpected shutdown). This is much more likely to be the case for corruption issues where the zip ends prematurely than it gets zeroed.
  • A virus or antivirus program overwrites the file or interferes with the saving process. I personally think this is the most likely option.
  • There is some rare corner-case within Pencil2D’s saving procedure that causes this. Pencil2D relies upon a zip library that doesn’t get frequent updates and has in the past had issues with special characters so this isn’t inconceivable.

Interesting. Thanks for telling us.

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