Bucket Tool Problems

The bucket tool works fine when you are using just one layer, but as soon as you add more, it gets all messed up. When filling in with the bucket, the fill always seems to go to the layer below it. To fix this problem I made a “Bucket” layer on top of each real layer. This worked fine until I wanted to move the drawing around. Even though I copied and pasted the drawing onto the “bucket” layer, the real layer came out different than the “bucket”. For me to move around the drawing, I would need to move both layers (one containing the color, and one containing the lines) exactly in sync, which I just do not have the patience to do. If someone has a solution I would love to hear it. It would be wonderful for this to be fixed though.

I don’t use the bucket tool much because of this, but when I need to I move the layer down to the bottom, fill the area, and then move it back. It works.

Thanks, this solution works perfectly!