Bucket & Pen tool vector issues

The vector tools have 2 major bugs that stop me from using pencil2d for illustration. This is for workflow on a vector layer.

Pencil2d-0.5.4dev - manjaro linux

  1. The bucket fill tool does not fill closed areas at random- very often. In order to make sure they are closed, I some times slightly overshoot my strokes. Please download this file and try filling the area that I am pointing at with the arrow.
    But before you do that, use the bucket tool on one of the eyes (the orange circles)

The bucket fill tool should not work when you try to fill the target area (the one I am pointing at with the arrow).
Now cut the orange circles (select them and ctrl+x) - this should get rid of them. Then try using the bucket tool again on that area. Now it should work.

If you just open the file and do absolutely nothing- then use the bucket tool on the target bug area- it should fill it but cover the orange circles.

So an area becomes problematic to fill if during your session you have used the bucket tool on a small island inside it.

It is extremely unpredictable and the pop up prompt is super annoying. :smiley:
To go around it I close pencil2d, then reopen it and try using the bucket tool on it before doing anything else. This usually gets around the issue. But I cant keep closing and reopening pencil many times- for each problematic fill.

  1. The Pen tool - on completion of each stroke , when a stroke is close to another stroke- it makes both the new stroke and the one close to it change shape- completely unpredictably.
    I get that this is a “glue” effect that is supposed to be a feature. But in my case it is a BUG. I can’t do any inking when this thing is ruining my strokes.
    Try handwriting something with the pen tool. Now tell me can you read what you wrote? Exactly.
    Please let me switch this nuisance off. Can we keep it off by default. It makes work impossible

The first bug is unpredictable and not so easy to reproduce. Try at least 2-3 times at different zoom levels.

The second bug is more obvious and the bigger problem of the two.

I have noticed that the bucket tool also tends to fail on closed areas that do not have a small island within them.
The bucket tool in vector mode is unreliable as a whole and I am trying to figure out why and how to get around this.

the best way to experience the bucket fill tool bug is to try and color an entire vector drawing with it. I can submit a few for testing if you like.

here is a video that better illustrates the PEN tool problem

any news on this bug?