Bucket fill tool fills outside of canvas

I’m having problems animating each frame because of this, my lines do not go over the canvas and they are secured and still, it fills the whole layer and some space outside of the canvas, I also need someone to tell me how to not draw past the canvas; to set like a box around the canvas to prevent the lines from going past the canvas.

@Domino Hi. Try checking the following:

  1. Check you have the layer that contains the lineart selected. Many times one can inadvertently select a different layer
  2. Check for small gaps on your lineart as well, even if they are 1 pixel wide (and with a high threshold), having any small gaps will make the bucket tool spill color.
  3. Check that the bucket fill “threshold” option is not too high. If it is lower it a bit, anything beyond 60 (out of 100) I think will bypass the lineart.

Lastly, I know the concept of the camera used in Pencil2D is often misunderstood, so i’ll explain. Pencil2D does not have a pre-defined canvas size. It has a camera size that defines how the final output will look.

There is a subtle difference since the canvas itself, where you draw, is basically a really large drawing surface and you are looking at it with the camera.

What you use to “contain” the drawing is the camera viewfinder / border. This is what determines what will be shown in the final video or image you export

With that in mind the color used to spill outside the camera frame only in older versions, but not anymore. If you’re using an older version please consider upgrading your Pencil2D version from the official download site (http://pencil2d.org/download).

The earliest version where the fill is contained inside the camera frame is 0.6.4, any version before that is not recommended for use anymore.

Camera visible area filled with bucket tool

If you really need an additional workaround, try using the polyline tool without antialiasing and create a boundary where you want your canvas box to be indicated over your background canvas / paper. The problem with this is that you’ll have to copy and paste it in every key drawing that will be colored.

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