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Hi, new user here. I’m doing a simple text animation using the brush tool. In a previous test, I was animating individual letters and everything looked good. Now I must have hit some button, because each brushstroke has a blue line inside it. The line disappears when I do the next stroke, but it keeps moving to whatever the next stroke is. And when I export the animation you can see these blue inner strokes appearing and disappearing. Which is not what I want. Can you advise how to fix so I only have a black brushstroke? Sorry if this is unclear or too basic. Thanks

Welcome to the forums, nilrep! Sometimes this blue line appears when you are using Vector Layers in the program. This is like a selection indicator- the line you drew is “selected”. I’d suggest using a bitmap layer for any projects, but to remove these blue lines from what I’d have already done, I’d press the “Deselect” Hotkey and see what happens.

Please tell me if this helps!

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Thanks so much! I chose the vector layer because I’m just using text and wanted to make sure there was no pixelation, I hope I did that correctly. Would you kindly let me know where I can find that deselect hotkey?

Thanks again

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The Vector Layer isn’t particularly recommended to use, use at your own risk!

Your Deselect Key can be found Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts; The problem is I’m pretty sure I changed mine from the original, but just in case I didn’t, try Ctrl + D (save first!)

Ok, I am definitely using at my own risk! I just thought that it would work better because then there wouldn’t be pixelation when I export the text I drew and am screening it large. But am I wrong with that?

Thanks for the deselect key info! I tried it but it did not seem to do anything. I may try to handle that in a different program or leave it as is. But I swear it wasn’t happening at first and then I pressed some button and it started happening. Anyway thanks again! I am setting up another confused topic in a minute…


If you set the canvas size to the same resolution you plan on displaying the animation before you starting working on your animation, and you don’t zoom the camera layer, then there will be no more pixelation with the bitmap layer than the vector layer. The vector layer would be better for situations in which you are scaling the image, but the vector layer has some bugs and is more difficulty to use so I really wouldn’t recommend it in any usual situation.

Thanks so much. Clearly I have a lot to learn. After I finish this vector test I will move over to using bitmap layers. Best Jenny

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