Brush resizing after undo

While using the brush tool, with quick resizing enabled, if I ctrl+z to undo and then draw a line very quickly after, the brush-resizing toggles on until i release the pen (this is despite width-resizing being tied to shift, not even ctrl). Trying to replicate the issue, I believe this happens if the ctrl key is held slightly too long after the ctrl+z.

This can get annoying because after undoing something quickly, my brush will sometimes suddenly go to max size (as I drag the cursor across the screen to draw a line, quick brush-resizing takes that as me making the brush size big)

This occurs in the latest nightly build for windows x64 (2023-04-06) as well as the nightly build for windows x64 from december 2020 (2020-12-22). (these are not picked out for any particular reason, just the versions I had installed)

@UWC Hi, To be honest this has been an issue since a long time. The Quick sizing is an experimental feature leftover that no one has been able to work on, and quite frankly it’s a feature that might need to be removed and made form scratch at this point since it could be leaning on spaghetti code to work.

There are various problems with this feature that I’d personally would like to see myself addressed such as being able to resize from anywhere on the canvas.

The problem you are experiencing from having the brush sizing too quickly is because it’s measure form the center of the workspace view, not the canvas itself, and whenever you go beyond that threshold it goes from 0 to 100(% ?) basically.

If you try to resize closer to the average center of the software you’ll notice is a bit more amicable, but it’s simply not ideal to be restricted to a given portion of the screen.

I doubt this will be worked on anytime soon, since there are other issues that are a bit more critical and devs can only tackle a few at a time. So If these specific bugs really hinder your workflow, it’s better to turn it off and have the options panel floating around (you can detach it) so you can change the brush size faster, for now at least.

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