Brush/Pen/Pencil Tool Odd Behaviour

Video Link (Just in case if the video doesn’t play automatically)

So I have noticed a rather odd bug while I was diddling with Pencil2D. At the time of testing the bug in the video, I was using version 0.6.0. Also downloaded 0.6.1 version and it also has the same issue.

When performing quick strokes on the bitmap layer, the lines are getting… sharper? I don’t know what to call this behaviour. Rather drawing curves it starts drawing quick straight lines only. With a delay of some sort. I first that my drawing tablet had gone bonkers, but then I tried doing the same test with a mouse and got the same results.

To recreate this, simply draw slowly first, using either brush/pen/pencil tool, doing curves and then start increasing the speed or just give a sudden jerk. The output of the lines will delay, and then end up with sharp lines rather than curved ones.

Yeah, it’s not much of a bug but (as I understand it) due to how the graphics algorithm is implemented. To avoid it what I do is I have to draw slowly :stuck_out_tongue:, Ideally this shouldn’t happen but since we have our eyes set to get mypaint library to replace Pencil2D’s current tools, it’s kind of pointless to improve it further. Or at least that’s what has been discussed. If it takes 10 years to implement mypaint lib, we might have to do something else lol.

I do draw slowly. My hands are not that of a master(yet). And just in case, i am emphasizing a lot here, it does take 10 years or so… This could be here as a record of sorts.

patiently waits for the mypaint pencil2d fusion

@sumit_makwana Haha, I sure hope it doesn’t take 10 years or longer…I might be dead by that time lol. But in reality I wish more developers would take interest in Pencil2D. This project doesn’t want to be the next opentoonz, quite the opposite it wants to be a complement to opentoonz and similar projects (like synfig or tupi) and to be able to stand on it’s own without much bloat. Just open it and animate quickly and efficiently as if you were working on paper but with digital tools that aid you in the process. We’ll see :sunny:

That is literally how I see this software as, and I like it. I do have some career goals in regards to animation. If it hits off well. Well, Pencil2D will have my never-ending support.