Box (sub-par) Walking Animation

Animating a walking animation was very hard for me but I finally did it! The main problem is that its too clear when the animation resets. And his head gets smaller on each frame…



Don’t worry- walking cycles are literally the hardest thing ever! And yes, It’s also really hard to fluidly end/reloop the cycle! Keep working at it!

It looks more like a running cycle to me because it goes very fast especially with the motion blur background.

The loop is actually quite smooth to me. I can’t really see any jarring break in the motion. The problem is more about the jerky animation because of the small number of frames.

And in this case you can cheat! Copy and paste the head the body since they aren’t really changing shape in each frame.

The background was kinda a bad idea in general, And copying and pasting the head and body is a GREAT idea. I’d probably make them move up and down a bit as well, to add some more motion.

Be sure to show us your progress!

Looks pretty good! The head-shrinking gives it a sort of “galloping” look.