Box Select Frames

Maybe I’m not doing it right but I really need a box select method for the keyframes in the timeline. As I know now you can select individual frames and drag them but this is cumbersome when you want to add something in the middle of a long timeline. Either a box select method or shift+click the start and end of the selection you would like to move would be awesome. If someone knows a trick here please do tell.

I don’t think there is a known trick for what you are trying to do. But I am not the right person to say that.

Just wait if you get some other reply from other user.
Thank you

from manual:

Adjusting keys
To test and improve your animation you can change the location of keys. Click to select one key and drag it where you want. To select several keys, use the hold the SHIFT key. Often you will want to extend the time between two keys, which implies moving all the subsequent keys. To do that, hold the ALT key and click the second key; this will automatically select all the subsequent keys.

You can select custom keys with ALT+LMB – all keys at once (select colored layer strip not individual key)


you can select every keys on right side of last selected key only. Manual is saying " subsequent keys" , but my version of PENCIL is selecting everything on right side of last selected key. Not keys between two selected keys. ??

You ca use SHIFT + double click ( you must select key)

It is now possible to select multiple keyframes on the same layer to drag them at the same time. You just have to click and drag over from the first keyframe to the last. Note that the keyframe must not have been previously selected otherwise clicking & dragging will be treated as if you want to move the keyframes.

To deselect keyframes just click on an empty frame (no keyframe containers / squares) or click over any of the selected keyframes to undo the selection.