BluePencil (Pencil2D fork)

Hello Everyone,

I’am a french Animator 2D/3D, and I wanted to modify the design and interactivity of Pencil2D. I created a Fork, Blue Pencil.

If you want to see that’s, you can click here.
You can also follow the Facebook Page that I created today !

On my website I explain why I wanted to modify Pencil2D. I use a Tablet PC and the UI of Pencil and Pencil2D It wasn’t good for my Tablet PC.

If you have a Question, gogogogogo =)

And Very GOOD Job for Pencil2D :slight_smile:
Best Regards,


It looks really nice. Good luck with it!


This looks Great!


Pencil is a wonderfull tool but it’s still unstabel and unpredictable (crashes) and can’t do important gimmicks as rotating 1 picture without rotating al the pictures.

And that’s sad because if so it would be an beautifull animation tool!


I made a animation short with pencil i hope you like!


With Best Regards to all the Pencil Fans and Matt for all his good work!

Hey !

Yeah thanks Banskel !

Good job aardman246 for your animation. You idea is good about rotation.

-> Pencil is a Amazing soft !!!

3 problems that has to be solved to make Pencil a professional animation tool are:

If an picture is zoomed in while copying it with the + sign NOT the Whole picture is copied in the next keys.
Only a fragment of it, all the 4 sites of the drawing are cut of!
It doesn’t matter with camera size is used.

It’s Not possible to rotate 1 key image without rotating al the keys before or after that key!
So it’s impossible to animatie rotating object with the select tool!

Its impossible to import a series of PNG files without a Pencil Crash!
Before that Pencil advised to import the PNG files in the Bitmap layer, even when that’s
the layer the animator is working on!

Excuus for my bad writing English:(

@aardman246 Thanks for your bug reporting, it’s very import to us.

I have add these issues to github.

Very impressive work, man!
if you need help just ask me.

Will it works on Android tablet? or iOS?

Hello !

Thanks for you help Matt_Chang :slight_smile:

For the moment I finishing BluePencil for PC Tablet and after :

  • I would like to work on Android Tablet(it’s my first step), and After iOS.

I will put pictures in and the Facebook page of BluePencil to show my development.

See you Soon ! :smiley:

It seems really nice, @giovanni_gasparetto !
Are you decided to fork pencil2D or is there plans to include some of your work in the “regular” version of Pencil2D ?

It would be really nice if it was possible to “theme” pencil2D, and choose BluePencil layout directly from it :slight_smile:

Hello Gordie.

BluePencil is a Fork Pencil2D.
It’s a good idea to choose a layout, but BluePencil is for Tablet Pc, Android… You can use on your computer, but I decided develop the application for Tablet.

// Sorry for doubl post :slight_smile:


But If you love the Design of BluePencil and Matt_Chang is agree to integrate the same Design in Pencil2D, there is no problem. OR, possibilities to choose our own Color Ui.

For this time, BluePencil UI created for tablet :ppppp


OK, thanks for the details !