Biggest missing basic features (LAYERS & TIMELINE)


  1. Set a start and end frame range for the play button. Useful when you want to loop a part of your animation to analyze whats wrong with it.


2.Ability to duplicate bitmap layers - Useful when you want to itterate your animation, but keep your old copy for comparison .


  1. Ability to copy and paste multiple keyframes. (when you want to repeat a loop quickly)

  2. Ability to BOX SELECT multiple keyframes. Shift selection is very slow.


I would like to thank you for your work so far. Please add a link to the donation page in the HELP menu.


Your requests are not short term developments although they were so mentioned that I’m adding them in the “urgent” section of my “todo” list. I hope I can start with some of them this week.

Regarding the donation page in the Help menu, it’s a “must” as well :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for you support !

@blurymind : thanks for your feedback !
PS : In the forums, please write ideas in different topics so it’s easier for us to manage / handle.

ah thank you. :smiley:
I will have it in mind for the future.

These features are some of the more needed ones in regards of how I use pencil, so I will follow your progress. Thank you for working on it.

It’s a great tool and quite unique too. No other open source animation app has bitmap layers. They’re all doing vectors now. They are missing out so much. Vectors are not nice for sketching
Pencil’s greatest tool is well, the pencil!

I read gordie’s post on the pencil philosophy and found that you already have all the right ideas.

The onion skinning colorization alone has made it so much better than before!
You guys are like rockstars. Seriously

Thank you for using Pencil2D Todor @blurymind

I’m glad to know that professional designers and animators are beginning to value Pencil2D!

I saw your great art gallery, most of the concepts I could see there are seriously oriented to professional animation: you really know what you are doing!

I would have to agree. Not being able to easily select multiple keyframes makes it very difficult to time animation. I hope this feature can be floated up as a high priority as it’s a core concept for creating strong 2d animation.

Thanks for all the great work on this program so far, it looks like some great progress has been made since earlier versions of pencil.

why dont you do a kickstarter or an indie go go, try doing what synfig guys are doing. They got funds to hire a full time developer and that guy has been adding new features at a breakneck speed.

I agree on this old suggestion. I have an example on how it could be done here:
Copy multiple keyframes
As I say in the video “This is an example”. I’m not sure about the design, but we should discuss it, and finally get it done.
I would like to work on it.