Bees (a mixture of tools used) (Not child friendly?)

Hi there! Long-time-no-see! I finally completed an animation I posted as a WIP here back in late 2018 (I think). Sorry if I haven’t labelled it correctly, but it contains 1 swear word, a violent action, blood and is purposely creepy, but for comic effect. Is there a specific tag or warning I should of added?

Any-who, I hope you enjoy. All of the frames were originally pencil-tests done in Pencil2D, using Papagayo for lip synching (very happy to see newer versions of pencil2D handle audio scrubbing), There was an early version where I tried doing the final stages in Krita, but I dropped it to do all the inking and final images in OpenToonz.

Sound recording was done in Audacity, music in LMMS, video editing and final audio mix was all done in Shotcut.

Most of the delays were due to obligations, distractions and other projects, but I think I learnt a lot from working on it.

I know it might seem like a majority of the project (especially the final product) is quite removed from Pencil2D, but I think the most important parts were thanks to Pencil2D.

Thanks to anyone who checks it out :slight_smile:


wow that was really fun man it made me laugh! I will follow and like on youtube hope you enjoy my latest very short animation annoying kitty - YouTube

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:smiley: Thanks! I just checked it out. I like your style, it reminds me of rough sketching, sort of like liquid TV shorts. I like the background in “Stoned pea and kitty test 1”… it has a dirty quality to it, like gritty smudged dry pastels. I am now also following you.

wow thank you so much I hope to develop the style more! only just started you are very kind thanks!!

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