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I’m starting to work more with Pencil2d, I used to use Pencil a little bit and loved it. Here is a rough walk cycle I did when I had some freetime, planning on making something a bit cleaner tomorrow.

Hy! Nice start. You would need the upper body to move up and down a bit. But the legs are ok, a bit ruff but what the hell!

Nice. Remember, though, that you can get away with making half a cycle only when you’re viewing the subject exactly from the side, and at a height somewhere near the feet. Otherwise the individual legs can’t be mirrored. Of course this is just a rough…i’m just responding to what i see.

Personally I think the normal up-down movement isn’t necessarily a vital part, depending on how stylized your drawings are. If this person is representing someone walking very formally and/or stiffly, and it is a heavily stylized work, then bobbing might actually take away from it.

Thanks guys for the feedback, yeah since that was a rough animation I was basically hoping to just loop that and then get the full cycle in the clean up. But that was more of a warm up for me. I’ll try to make future animations a bit less mechanical.

This one I’m still working on, will add a few more frames when on ground and at the peak of the jump to get a better sense of gravity and weight, will also play around with adding colors and shading then.


Meet the slime! It’s like the bouncing ball of anime! xD You can right click and view image to see it not smooshed.

This test I did when I should have been sleeping, basically I took some animation hotkeys from Photoshop and remapped them in Pencil2D and so far I’ve been able to work faster. If you are curious, this is my layout.

Up Arrow-Make New Blank Frame

Left Arrow-Move to Previous Frame

Right Arrow-Move to Next Frame

Down Arrow-Undo

These are my most used keys and they are close to the shift key for pencil size and enter for playing the animation so it works out really well.

I’m going to call this one finished, really just added a few frames, color and some timing. Onto some new exercises!

Love it !