Be aware! Browsers show transparent pictures with grey background!

It is no Bug. The browser firefox and chromium show transparent pictures with a solid grey background. Bildschirmfoto_2023-08-05_19-13-21

To be able to see the checkered background of transparent pictures, you have to open them in a drawing program like gimp, krita or even in image Magic.



@FraFraFrankenstone For your information Pencil2D always exports with transparent background when using GIF or PNG images and checking the Transparency checkbox in the exporter.


So if you want to have a background either uncheck the exporter box or add a new layer under your current animation drawing and fill it with a solid color.

If you want to see transparency on the Pencil2D canvas go to Edit > Preferences > General > Background section > checkerboard radial button

Background representation selected

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Just for clarification, i wanted to export with transparency, because i want to store my pictures like this, to be easily integrated into future projects. I was dissapointed to see them without the “checkered background” as expected, because i was sure that i have saved them with transparency. Only browsers dont show checkered background of images, because this is not wanted in the internet. This would mess up the browsing experiece. You have to open the pictures with a editing app, to see them correctly.

@FraFraFrankenstone The checkered background is not part of the alpha channel in any image format specification that Pencil2D handles.

Having a checkered background is ONLY a representation, a visual aid, to validate there is transparency, and this is uniquely dependent on your painting software or some browsers.

Any actual image that can be seen with a regular image viewer (such as windows image viewer) as having a checkered background is NOT transparent.

The instructions I provided before will help you export true transparent images as long as you use either GIF or PNG formats (recommended)

Note: Some people in the internet tend to create PNG images with an actual checkered background to “troll” users, I use Opera GX and any true transparent image is properly displayed WITHOUT a checkered background and I can change the color freely while seeing through the image.

e.g This picture

Looks like this:

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