Audio won't play no matter what I do

Checked the sound mixer. All the inputs appear to be up.

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@larrydeluca Hi Larry. Thanks for checking the mixer. Ok i opened your files, and I have to say that I got all of them which had the soundtrack, to play sound immediately after opening :pensive:

I’m a bit worried that if it’s not a problem with Pencil2D, it could actually be a problem between either Windows Home, or the actual 2004 windows update and the base technology Pencil2D is based on (Qt Framework) But i’ll have to look more into that If I can get a copy of Home to test this hypothesis.

Additionally I want to confirm the following: How do you see the timeline sound buttons currently on your application?:

  1. image
  2. image
  3. image
  4. image

And on your sound layer can you hide the layer (this will mute it) try to playback for a bit image

and then show the layer (unmute) again and playback to see if that helps?


I see #4 of the buttons (sound on, scrubber on), and switching the sound layer mute on or off makes no difference for me.

@larrydeluca Hi Larry, thank you for testing that. To be honest i’m dumbfounded. I’m trying to break my sound drivers and Pencil2D still plays the song just fine in the editor.

Coincidentially after looking into my suspicions regarding the win10 v2004 update i found there’s a LOT of reported issues regarding partial or complete audio loss as you can read here:

And in this thread the first post offers several Windows only sound troubleshooting options you could also try as well.

So this makes me think that there is indeed a present issue under Windows 10 v2004 that might also be creating a malfunction with the base audio plugins that Pencil2D uses (considering you can at least listen to audio outside of the software, but not inside)

To be fair from what I’m reading, this could take quite some time to debug on our end, so In the meantime would you be able to do one last test?

I’d like to ask to try one application from the list I shared before called “Tahoma”, a derivative simplified version of Opentoonz (both are free no worries).

This app version comes as a portable version (no need to install) though it is a bit heavy (160mb~)

In case you can listen to sound in their editor, please let us know as that would help us to narrow down the issues as well.

Since Tahoma is a bit more complicated to use than Pencil2D , here’s a recent tutorial on how to import sound that works for bot.

Took me a bit to figure out, but Tahoma loaded OK and once I figured out how to open an Xsheet I was able to load sound and play it back with no trouble at all.

@larrydeluca Thank you for testing that Larry. I already asked the Tahoma developer about some of their development tools, so i’ll bring this information to Pencil2D devs to see if there’s a way we can find what’s happening.

I also thought of a recent, potential, test. Could you try to download the 32bit version of Pencil2D and test if both the sound and the crashes continue?

While it is unlikely that it will be magically fixed, I want to exhaust every possible path we have just to narrow down what the problem is. I just find it incredible that not only this sound issue but now the crashes are happening :pensive:

We’ll keep looking into it, I’m honestly sorry that you have to experience all these issues.