Audio timing and trimming and such

Whenever I take an audio file or something and edit it (like trim it) whenever I put it into pencil the timing is all weird. Like from the start of the animation the timing works but if i pause it and go to a random spot the audio is like way in front of what i was doing. The animation that im working on right now is like halfway (maybe more) done but the audio just stops after a certain point It’s never done that “stops at a certain point” thing before but it has done the bad timing thing before.

@badanimator Hi. Are you using MP3’s? If so, this is the problem. The devs found recently MP3’s have issues when syncing up while starting playback at random frames on the timeline.

Please import and use WAV’s to minimize this issue. However even then there is a slight lag / delay when playing back in the editor, so we recommend users to only use audio on Pencil2D as a rough guideline and then finalize the audio properly using a video editor to fit the final sound tracks.

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