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My audio kees breaking. When I make a new project on this software it works aft first but if you save it, close it, and then comeback the audio will stop working. I have been trying to do a school project but I can’t because the audio keeps dissapering. After it Disappears you can try to put it back but then it will insist on stay on only one frame. I used an mov. File and it can’t be changed. This project is due on Friday and now I might lose all my work. Help.

@WeibooAnimu That’s mighty odd indeed. I’ve read about some issues that are still pending to be fixed but it shouldn’t stop working randomly like that.

Now, first of all dont’ worry, you won’t lose your work. The animation work is there. I do recommend saving a hard backup copy with a different name as a habit, but that’s just a tip.

The sound can be put in a video editor after the animation is finished. The easiest one i know you could use is called OpenShot (

Export the actual animation from Pencil2D as a movie and import it into Openshot, then add your sounds after and render the file movie form OpenShot (look for their youtube videos).

By the way you CAN’T use a mov file for the sound. You need to use an MP3 or a WAV file, when using the File > Import > Sound option.

Currently the movie import is still under heavy testing. You should be able to import an MP4’s sound but not MOV as far as I know.

If you need to extract the sound from the mov, use the video editor to separate the sound from the video, and then use the free audio editor Audacity ( to convert the resulting sound to WAV. They have portable versions too.

Let me just say this again. Your work can be exported from Pencil2D to any other app that supports videos or image sequences. The sound can be added in another app to your existing video in the case that trying to use a WAV file in Pencil2D won’t work for you no matter what.

The thing is I’m animating the thing to my voice so I kind of need the audio to be apart of the animation before I put it into one shot. Also I used a .mov file because I had to record the audio on my laptop and it just exported it to that. It won’t let me change it from a .mov file either so I’m kinda stuck

@WeibooAnimu Hi. I encourage you to please read the previous comment again as I’ve merely outlined two possible solutions to your situation considering your due date.

  1. Adding the audio afterwards, which you already replied it was not suitable
  2. Converting the mov file to an actual audio file by using the video editor OpenShot and, if needed, converting the exported audio file from OpenShot to WAV using Audacity.

Here’s how to extract audio from a video file (ak.a MOV)

Here’s how to convert a file to MP3, but the process is exactly the same for WAV, you just need to find the format in the list

Okay I tried it, I exported it as a .Wav file but it still gets clipped to one frame.

I tried both mp3 and wav files btw aswell as oog files

@WeibooAnimu only mp3 and wav work right now. The other problem could be “how” you’re importing the sound.

Since you converted the sound you should only use the File > Import > Sound option . The movie audio option is only for movie files at the moment.

If you can, please delete the sound layer completely, and let a new one be created when using the import option mentioned above.

If this keeps going please upload both your sound file and your pencil2d project file (it has a PCLX extension) so I can try to load them and see what’s happening with it. You can use and follow the guide below to send an anonymous link. FYI the files will be deleted in 1 week automatically.

As far as I know we’ve had people experience issues also because they lack particular operating system plugins for sound (i.e codecs). I always Install Audacity and VLC video player to get most of my codecs, but this doesn’t have anything to do with Pencil2D since Windows Media player should allow you to get codecs via Windows update; i just prefer to have free codec versions myself.

I already tried the thing with the sound layer earlier and btw I’m on mac not windows, could that be the problem? And okay I’ll send it all to you in the morning because it’s late. I’m hoping I can finish this problem soon though because my project is due on Friday

@WeibooAnimu It’s ok take your time. Codecs tend to be platform dependent, so it’s also possible there’s an issue happening with the mac version, but to be honest I’m worried about your due date, so if you want choose a different animation program from this curated list we have:

And i’ll gladly extract the animation drawings you already made in Pencil2D as a sequence of images so you can quickly switch to a program that allows you to work with sound and import the drawings back into the new program you choose.

I’ll also find you a tutorial for the one you pick, I personally recommend Tahoma2D (a bit more complex) and WickEditor (simple). Tupitube Desk is also decent and simple though you can’t currently scrub sound in there unlike Tahoma2D or Pencil2D. That way you should be able to continue and finish your work, while we find what’s causing this problem in Pencil2D.

Incidentally also please mention what is your macOSX version. For that you can go to the “apple” menu > System Info

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