Audio Preview as you move through frames

Ok So I was using Pencil2D And I was trying to make a lip-sync animation But I couldn’t hear the audio as I was animating So it was hard to make it and I eventually gave up. I think if you could hear a bit of the audio when you select/make a new frame like in SFM, it would be a lot easier

Good day! In the Nightly Builds of the software (builds of the program made after the latest release), there is a “Sound Scrubbing” feature that does this very thing.

These builds, by now, also have significantly more features.

Be warned: These builds may introduce new problems. Be careful with it and always make backups!

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The sound scrubbing feature is also present in the latest stable build v0.6.6. To enable it, you need to make sure that the button for it on the timeline is enabled. It looks like this when enabled:

sound scrubbing button example

If you still can’t here audio while changing the active frame with this enabled, then you may be encountering some other issue and we will need more details to figure out what’s going on.

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Shoot! I was afraid I would get that wrong. I incorrectly guessed that 0.6.6 didn’t have that. Sorry and thank you!

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