Audio doesn't loop with everything else


I’ve been trying to work on lip syncing a new character of mine and it’s really difficult to determine where to work as the audio doesn’t loop with my work… and there’s nothing visual in the audio timeline like soundwaves. I’m not asking for visual soundwaves in the timeline, although that would be nice. I’m just assuming that because the audio doesn’t loop inside a range like everything else that it could be a bug… Thoughts?


@thealextdb Hey! thanks for writing up. We also want to have audio waves though!

You’re right, right now I’d classify this as a bug mainly because it “should” work as one expects (looping the sound). I’ll report it as soon as possible and hopefully the person who’s being kind enough to help out on the sound department will fix it.

For now If you want to work on your lipsync and if it is english speaking, I’d suggest to use Papagayo. It’s free software that can automatically recognize phonemes. So it can help you visualize the drawings for specific moments.

In the future there’s a request to integrate papagayo or at least read the files with pencil to assist with this, but it’s wishful thinking for now.

Here’s the original soft link:
And here’s the branched “community” version, which has support for other languages:

Both are open source :wink:

p.s. an additional way to work with sound in animation can be to put your dialogue on a video editor and work out the frames and the drawings you want on an x-sheet or just a piece of paper. Then translate that into pencil manually.

Alright, thanks for picking this up! I took a look at Papagayo and my favorite thing about it is seeing soundwaves in the timeline… that’s honestly all I need :P.

I’ll work with what I got, thanks so much for all the info!


This has been fixed now, what’s left is to wait for the lead developer to merge these changes and release a new nightly build :slight_smile: