Audio didnt work in my chromebook

When I was trying to play my animation with audio, it did not play a lot. Can you pls help me.

Unfortunately none of us have chromebooks to test Pencil2D on, so you will have to do some troubleshooting on your own. First off, are you unable to hear the audio when playing back the animation in Pencil2D, when exported, or both? The first thing to check if you are having issues during playback in Pencil2D is that you’ve got sound enabled by toggling the sound button at the top right side of the timeline. It is the button with the icon that looks like a speaker without an ‘s’ in front of it (the one with the s is for sound scrubbing).

Some other important information to provide is:

  • the method you used to install Pencil2D,
  • the version of Pencil2D you are using (you can check in the top menu under Help > About)
  • the format of the audio file you are trying to add to your project
  • whether the key frame for your audio clip appears as the regular single-frame width, or if it is extended to the expected length of your audio

Which version of Pencil2D can be installed on a Chromebook?

If you can’t provide the basic information necessary to troubleshoot the issue, I can’t help you. It’s as simple as that.

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