Audio delay when playing timeline

im sorry if this is the wrong place to put this

when i import audio then play it, it takes like 10 frames till the audio starts playing. making it hard to check lip syncing properly
its a small problem but i couldn’t find any ways to fix it

@puff Apologies didn’t see this topic until now. Unfortunately this is currently out of our control, the devs are aware that there is an issue with audio syncing but it seems to vary heavily due to computer specs and the user environment, usually it is 1 up to 3 frames, not 10.

We’ve identified that this problem mostly occurs for Windows 10 users.

If you don’t mind can you answer some questions?

  1. Do you happen to be using Win10? if not what is your current Operating System?
  2. What is your current Pencil2D version? If you don’t know which version you’re using please visit the HELP > ABOUT menu and press the “copy to clipboard” button, then paste the info here.
  3. Also are you using the 64 or 32 bits version? (this can be solved with step 2)
  4. [optional] If you are using a dedicated sound card, can you tell us the reference model and the driver numbers?
  5. [optional] If you’re using a special sound driver, also let us know the name and driver number.
  6. Please send us a link to the file you’re having trouble with so the devs can inspect it. You can use to send an anonymous link, or if you have google drive or dropbox you can also use it to create a public link we can access.

Other than this, I can only advice you to adjust your sound in a video editor after working with it. This is a common step in production when the sound engineer or score composer has to do the foley and sync the dialogues.

As a side note, ideally Pencil2d should have precise audio syncing, but to be perfectly honest I don’t really know when we will be able to improve on this. We are lacking expert help on sound programming to finally fix this problem and we really don’t know who is up to this task since we’re volunteering and we have limited options on how to fuel development for specific issues.

For now we’ll try to review your file and see if we can reproduce the issue with the same severity on our own systems. That will at least server as a foundation to fix the problem.

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