Astropad compatibility

hi everyone, i’m new…
Can I use ”Astropad Standard” app (which turn the iPad or iPhone into a drawing tablet) on Pencil 2D? Or I need to buy a real one??

Hi @Raffaisen

I have never tried myself so I can’t say, my assumption is that it should work since you’re displaying your desktop on your ipad, so if the computer already has the necessary tablet drivers for pressure sensitivity and the like then I don’t see why it shouldn’t work.

At the very least I’d expect you to be able to draw without pressure.

Thanks for your quick answer, so what you are meaning is that astropad could be use as a remote monitor of my Mac (where I’m running P2D) to draw directly into the bitmap layer of P2D. Is that correct?


Yes that’s indeed what I’m saying :slight_smile:

Before you (assuming you don’t own it yet) delve into your pockets to buy Astropad though, grab the trial and see if it works :wink:

that’s what i’m going to do!!! many thanks, but before i have to learn this beautiful program….
maybe you could answer me about one another little issue…that is something wrong with copy/paste procedure on 0.6 mac version, i’m getting in trouble just to do this little thing on a simple frame so that’s what i do:
add a frame on bitmap layer,

drawing a character,

select it with appropriate tool,

go into edit menu to get “copy”,

go to whatever other frame and add a key for that,

go to edit to get “paste” and……

nothing happen!!!

am i going wrong in…something?

You’re not doing anything wrong, unfortunately we launched 0.6.2 with that bug unnoticed.
It has been fixed in our nightly builds though, so I’d suggest you grab that for now :slight_smile:

great!! solved!! dragged the october night build the very last


Let us know how it goes with the Astropad app!

Hi, trial is only for smartphone version, if you want to try It with an iPad you have to buy It. Not to bad, because It duplicate the screen so is like if you are drawing on a professional tablet (if you have anche iPad or similar). Pencil Pressure doesn’t work, you Need to disable from the p2d menù. At the end i bought a Little wacom, very good, but the bug of pencil pressure is still there, you can’t use It (if you turn It on, your pencil doesn’t draw anything).

@Raffaisen If you bought a Wacom, did you install the drivers? It should come with a CD that has software on it. Once you install the drivers try Pencil2D again.

If it doesn’t work then try another software to measure if it’s the tablet or the software. You can try out Krita ( to compare the pressure.

Ahhh, regarding the copy/paste issue i had, even with the last p2d night release, It doesn’t work properly, i mean it is randomic, sometime It allow you to paste on other keyframe, sometime It doesn’t.
I found another way to do that, i export the image, than i import It again in next frame, but doing like this, the frame with the imported Image is not centered with previous One, making me a Little frustrated :sweat_smile:

I did, driver are on the web, i Will try your suggestion.